Feedly – create your own newspaper!


Using Feedly is much like opening a newspaper that you have created yourself, with only sites you want to look at. Feedly pulls together the sites you like, and presents them to you in one place, right up to date with the latest content.

Feedly is tremendously useful for anyone who wishes to stay informed about the very latest news on their subject, or anything for that matter.  It will benefit you to experience this kind of software as it is becoming an increasingly common way to help people sift through the mountains of data created every day, to find what is useful to you.

NB: you can search for and add UK based sites if you wish.


Download the Feedly app onto your device (smart phone/iPad), OR open it on your PC/Mac.  

The  web version on your desktop computer and the app versions work and look very similar.

If you want to use the desktop version: Use the Google Chrome browser. Go here Feedly.com and sign up, sign in, and have a play.

  • We suggest you select ‘Continue with feedly’ when setting up a Feedly account, unless you are an experienced Facebook user, or have a Google account you are used to using:


  • The ‘Discover and Follow’ button is you friend and the way to get back to the search bar.


  • Search for sites you wish to add to your feed, and click on the green cross. screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-17-13-17
  • Create a ‘New Collection’ or add it to one you already have.



Using the app version – this is what the app version looks like. 

To gain your credit today, install Feedly on your phone/device, OR go directly to it via your PC/Mac, find something of interest to your discipline, grab a link, and post it in the reply/comments section on this blog, just like yesterday.

To grab a link from Feedly, click on an article that you have found, and look for a paperclip icon – click it and the link will be copied and ready to paste into this blog. Use the Google Chrome browser if you’re doing it on a desktop computer.


NB: Your comment/reply will not appear straight away as they need to be approved.


You can also contribute to the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #5DoDL

247 thoughts on “Feedly – create your own newspaper!

  1. Mel Hampson October 15, 2016 / 3:15 pm

    I think this is of vital interest to my department 😉

    Jon Bon Jovi: ‘there’s no chance I’d put on a pair of ripped jeans now’
    // The Guardian
    The musician, 54, on growing up in New Jersey, being happily married and getting bored of singing his own hits
    Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey was never a source of angst for me. My childhood was very blue collar, average and good. I was lucky enough to have both parents around who were really loving, and two younger brothers, and we were a happy, working class family.
    It broke my heart when Richie Sambora left the band. We worked together for 30 years. I don’t begrudge him now, but he could have done it in a better way. Instead he just chose to stop turning up to work.
    Continue reading…

    Shared via my feedly newsfeed


  2. Sarah October 20, 2016 / 8:27 am

    what Tallis are up to.
    Via Library stuff


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