Encouraging engagement with fun.



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Well, this is the final 5 Days of Digital Literacy of 2016 – thanks to everyone who has engaged with 5 Days, We hope you enjoyed it, and very much hope you’ve found something useful.  We will be back in February 2017, but anyone can join in the meantime, and you can continue to attempt the activities.

Please contact us if you have any queries, whether it’s about any of the content or any missing digital badges – we are getting there.

It’s Christmas so let’s have a look at some toys

The following tools are free-to-use and can be used to encourage engagement among your students, maybe your colleagues, and maybe even outside work.  You could use them to introduce students to new words that are going to be used in the next class,  perhaps you could set up a couple of teams during class to play ‘Quiz Busters’ (you’ll no doubt recognise the design).  Or maybe you could get your students to design a crossword. Getting people to set up quizzes means they have to know the answers.

I’m sure non-teaching staff will enjoy these tools too, and may find some use either within your department/team, or outside of work.

These first two are freely available from Teachers Direct – they’re very easy to set up, just follow the instructions. You can ONLY use them however if you’re using the Google Chrome browser, which you have on your work machine on your Start Menu/All Programs.

Word Search: This does NOT work on handheld devices, but it is rather good and extremely easy to set up.


Quiz-Busters: Use Google Chrome to view this quiz.  Some of you will be very familiar with the format. You could set up a game, split the class in two, and run the quiz.  quizbuster

Have a go at the 5 Days of Digital Literacy crossword that I set up.  The answers are all words mentioned during 5 Days so far. These are very quick and easy to set up. They seem to work OK on handheld devices too. Visit Crosswords Labs to create one.


Have a go at the 5 Days crossword, then visit Crosswords Labs and create a quick crossword and share it with us all in the comments. You only need 2 words to make one. Once you’ve filled in the information, you need to click Generate, and to share it you then need to click Save, then copy the web address into the comments section below.


Find me some free educational toys/tools and post a URL to them in the comments.


from everyone at

Anglia Learning & Teaching!

Have yourselves a wonderful Christmas, and a happy new year. See you all safe and sound in 2017.

View one of my favourite scenes from a Christmas film – and log into BoB using your staff login – which is free for all staff and students to use.





128 thoughts on “Encouraging engagement with fun.

  1. ajnet sinclair-hilton January 18, 2017 / 2:02 pm



  2. George Evangelinos January 25, 2017 / 10:59 am

    Adapt is a free tool and easy-to-use e-learning authoring tool that creates responsive, HTML5 e-learning content http://www.adaptlearning.org


  3. Nermin Minter June 1, 2017 / 11:00 am


    Padlet gives you a blank page (a wall) and you put anything you want on it, anywhere. Perhaps the easiest site for children to use. Pose questions, get their answers, and give them feedback – all on the same page.


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