5 Days of Digital Literacy is back on Monday

Hello, 5 Days of Digital Literacy is back this coming Monday (6th of February, 2017) so we thought we’d drop you a line to cover some admin for newcomers, and some news and information on digital badges.  Please read all of this post whether you’re new to 5 Days or not.


We thought you might be interested to see some statistics since the course started back in October 2016:

  • 292 people are currently following the blog
  • 2,411 comments have been made by you
  • 13,459 views of the posts
  • 1,474 tweet activities (tweets, reposts, likes, mentions, etc)
  • 438 digital badges have been awarded through Credly.com
  • 1,973 instances of activity with those badges (sharing, linking to LinkedIn, etc)

Welcome to newcomers

Signing up to this WordPress blog is essential if you wish to make comments, receive your digital badges, and have the posts sent to you automatically. You will find a ‘Follow’ section somewhere on this page (usually down the right hand side). Please enter your work email address into the field provided and press the ‘Follow‘ button. You should then receive an email asking you to confirm that you wish to join the blog. Please read the rest of this post newcomers, it may help you with the course.

Digital Badges

  • Congratulations to everyone who has engaged with the course, completed activities, and received their digital badges. Everyone who has completed all 5 activities from any one month on this course should have received their digital badge by now. Well done and please continue. If you think you should have received a badge and haven’t, then please contact me on jason.williams@anglia.ac.uk – BUT please read this page before doing so, as it may contain the answer you need.
  • A fair few people have completed 5 activities but not from the same month and so will not have received a digital badge yet. To receive a digital badge, you must complete 5 activities within the same month, as they are grouped in themes. We have, so far, posted 3 lots of 5 activities, and they ran in October, November and December 2016. You can see which month they were released right next to the title of the post. A bit of scrolling has to be done to find where you are – some of you may wish to scroll back, and fill in some of the gaps.  Please contact me by email if you think you should have received a badge, and haven’t: jason.williams@anglia.ac.uk
  • There’s also a number of people who do not have a Credly.com account set up and so cannot receive the badges they have earned. If you wish to receive a badge, you need to go to Credly.com and set up an account with your work email address.
  • We get a lot of queries about how you can show your badges to other people. Once you have a Credly Account you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or simply through Credly itself, and you could happy make reference to them on your C.V. The answer to this question can be found using Google. But here’s the link anyway.

Activities: IMPORTANT

  • Post your answers to the activities in the comments section of the post the activity is set. Just click on the link ‘leave a comment’ next to the title of the post.
  • Please read the activities carefully and answer them as requested.
  • There is a considerable amount of admin attached to this course, so following the instructions will save us work, and make your experience more enjoyable.

Finally: Please let people know they can still join in. Each month has different content.  We will pick up answers to the activities from all posts at any time, and this course will remain open.

2 thoughts on “5 Days of Digital Literacy is back on Monday

  1. Amanda February 7, 2017 / 9:37 am

    What a brilliant idea for making notes and recording information which would otherwise take ages to write down. Such as drug names and conditions when students are in placement.


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