5 mins more…

Well done and thank you to everyone who engaged with the course this week. Don’t worry if you haven’t done all the tasks just yet. There is no time limit on completion of them, though it’s a good idea to keep up to avoid getting snowed under.

If I had more time I’d really like the opportunity to respond to some of the comments you made as they are always informative – thank you for them. I hope everyone is finding time to pass a cursory eye over them at the very least. There was one comment made on Thursday’s post, by John Manning from IT Services, that I would like to bring directly to your attention:

‘Up until recently my last job of the day was to walk round the teaching buildings turning off all projectors and computers left on in rooms (this could be up to 85% of rooms ), even though systems are automatically turned off at 9pm, this was saving up to 4hrs per day 20hrs per week, per room of which we have over 250. So if you are last in a room, please shut down your systems not just blanking them.’

I think we can all learn from that and make an immediate change to our habits for the better. Thanks John!

‘Now let’s take a look at some of your work in… the gallery.’

Well done to everyone who engaged with the course on Wednesday (‘Photography’), I urge you to go back to the comments section and read them if you haven’t already. There’s some fascinating stats and articles in there.

I’ve very much enjoyed looking at your photographs. You’re clearly a talented bunch. Here’s a selection:

These photos were taken by Rhys Frankland (Chelmsford Student Services) on an iPhone 7. Rhys selected ‘portrait mode’ on the camera which created a shallow field of focus, which focusses the eye on the subject, by blurring the background. If your phone doesn’t have that option on it, then Snapseed has a lens blur option that does the same thing.  I’ve added the thirds lines, you should just about make them out. It doesn’t have to be dead on (always go with what you think looks best), but as you can see the photos, do loosely adhere to the rule (and Yum!).



Some of our Library staff made some great memes. The top one here was created by Clare Young in Chelmsford, the bottom by Liam Herbert. Liam used a Windows phone and added text on the PC with Adobe Spark.

Library Meme.png



Fairly dry materials can look interesting if you find an interesting angle, focus the eye with some lens blur, and add text. A good example of this is the following meme which was created by Helen in IT Services (below) Helen said she used an ‘iPhone 6+, using Snapseed (just downloaded it)…. Just took the photo of whatever I could grab at my desk. I cropped it, rotated slightly, applied a linear lens blur and vignette, then overlaid with text.’


This shot was taken by Sally Cowens from Student Services (Chelmsford) while in Spain on holiday, and edited in Snapseed. The original and the processed one are below:



Jennifer Little from Student Services (Cambridge) made the meme below using Snapseed –simple and effective – love the angles.


Inspirational stuff from Sarah Johnson from Estates and Facilities:


This award-winning photograph was taken by Emma Stokes with an iPhone.

Hedgehog Picture.jpg

and the final one taken by Paula Langton in Estates and Facilities, taken with DSLR – I’ve added the thirds lines. Have you started to notice it yet on other photographs, art and TV?






2 thoughts on “5 mins more…

  1. jimmcblog February 10, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    Short, succinct & to the point – nice one John M!


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