What digital resources are you using in your work at Anglia Ruskin University?


In today’s post we’ll look at some of the digital resources we have at our disposal as members of staff. Feel free to dip into the ones you wish to read a little more about by clicking on the titles below.

Apologies in advance if you know about all of these resources – do read on though.


Free, professional, certificated online courses available to all staff and students – dip in to Lynda for reference, or build your CV by doing courses, get new staff up to speed, teach students skills needed for the task in hand, etc. We’ll be looking at Lynda.com later in the week.

Adobe Products

Did you know staff and students have free access to the most amazing up-to-date Adobe products?  These include Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Bridge CC, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After-Effects CC, Adobe Flash Professional CC, Adobe Audition CC. Contact IT Services about it if you’re interested.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that can be used with live audiences using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. It has become hugely popular at ARU, very quickly.

  • Institutional Account opened in Aug 2015 (18 months)
  • 2015-2016 licence 5K, 2016 – licence 15K
  • To date – 341 registered staff users – of those, 257 are active users (1 or more polls)
  • Total Polls in the account 9,559
  • Totals responses to Polls – 336,845

By contrast, another institution who has been using PollEv for 6 years recently provided the following stats: Total users 187, Total Polls circa 1,600, Total Responses 37,000

BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

Box of Broadcasts gives you access to millions of free television and radio programmes, and pretty much any film thats ever been on terrestrial television, for all staff and students to use in their work. You have your own area in which you can create collections, share playlists that you’ve created with your staff and students.  Students can do the same, and use programmes easily in their work. You can even create your own programs by taking bits of other films and programmes and editing them together.


We have our own YouTube style streaming service, MyPlayer, that you can upload your audio and video to. We have Faculty and unit areas with different levels of security that you can put your media into, and share with who ever you want. All staff also have their own private area that they can upload to. You can also create video/audio and upload directly from your phone.


MyCapture is the server where the output of our Lecture/Room/Personal capture system (Echo360) is stored. Film your lectures, presentations, or make a screen cast using the Personal Capture (screen capture) software we have available, and share with your staff and students. There’s hundreds of videos on there, with thousands of views. Contact IT Services if you wish to use Lecture/Room/Personal Capture.

Library and IT support

Our Library has a number of wonderful resources. It’s not an exaggeration to say that their referencing information is used across the globe. The Library website is a good place to start. This is the direct link to their LibAnswers pages, which is the enquiry service fronted by FAQ’s.

IT Services Homepage

Recently updated,  find links to services, software and much more. Why not go and have a look if you haven’t for a while, and see what’s new.

Anglia Learning & Teaching’s new website

We are committed to supporting, recognising and inspiring all those engaged in learning, teaching and assessment at Anglia Ruskin University. Have a look at what we have on offer, from CPD opportunities to awards and recognition, news and regular events.


Anglia Ruskin University has a channel on the largest aggregator of video and audio on the planet. Search for us within iTunes (if you have access to it, apologies if you do not)  – we’ve had thousands of hits from all over the world for some of our videos. Contact Anglia Learning & Teaching if you have content you’d like to share with the world.


First, please complete this very short anonymous survey.

Then choose one of the following, or do them both if you wish:

1. Go to one of the links in the main body of this post, and find something you didn’t know you had access to, or that is interesting that you didn’t know was there, and describe it or leave a link to it in the comments section of this blog posts.


2. Anglia Learning & Teaching have created the Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) Menu to help you match technology with the job at hand.

How it works:

  • Select a TAB across the top that you are interested in.
  • Then look down the left hand column ‘Approaches to teaching and learning’ to refine your search.
  • Run your eye across to the right and select the arrow in one of the ‘Technology to support and enhance’ sections
  • Click on one of the blue squares to uncover the technology we think you’d find useful in that situation.
  • Post the criteria you searched for and what you found in the comments section of this blog post.

Going Further:

Watch this recent talk about Poll Everywhere delivered by Ian Brown, at one of Anglia Learning & Teaching’s monthly Talking about Teaching seminars and Using Poll Everywhere for Interactivity and Student Engagement presented by Helen Bentham at our 2015 Learning and Teaching Conference.





106 thoughts on “What digital resources are you using in your work at Anglia Ruskin University?

  1. Helen Keyes April 26, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    I didn’t know we had access to MyPlayer – I will be using this for my lecture material from now on.


  2. Nermin Minter May 31, 2017 / 2:51 pm

    I ’m aware of these services. I regularly use Lynda.com, IT Services Homepage and BoB.

    However, I hadn’t seen the TELT menu before.

    I searched for Independent Learning

    Approaches to teaching and learning: Reflection (including Continuing Personal Development)

    Technology to support and enhance: Audio, Blogs, Google Sites, Survey Tools and Wikis


  3. Rebecca Lee July 20, 2017 / 8:43 am

    I frequently use Lynda.com, iTunes U and BoB myself and know that I can show students the IT Services Homepage for more information on services and software. I didn’t realise before how well used Poll Everywhere is at ARU or exactly how it could be used.


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